Studio Lo Mismo has the proven capabilities to produce anything from a short (such as a commercial or music video) up through a complete feature film.

We can provide resources for any individual need you have (such as videography or editing, for instance), or we can produce the whole project from writing through final cut -- even including distribution in some cases.

We offer complete out-sourced marketing services, similar to a full service marketing agency, including online campaigns, social media, advertising, collateral, packaging, copywriting, PR, positioning, theatrical and dvd marketing, trade shows and more.

Studio Lo Mismo principal Brant J. Smith has been building websites since the Internet became a mass medium in 1994.

He founded and led Imagemith, a successful Bay Area interactive agency with over $2.4MM in annual business. Clients included Disney, Hewlett Packard, E*Trade, Ogilvy and many others. 

Whatever you need for your website (film-related or otherwise), we can do.

Writing is the key to indie film success. Is your script or story idea ready for the big screen? We can write it from scratch, (collaborating with you along the way) or review your work as you go.

We focus on strict, proven screenplay structure as laid out by moviewriting titans Syd Field, Blake Snyder and Robert McKee, among others. Our writing process is a "best practices" hybrid supported by additional writing tools we've developed along the way.

Are you making an independent feature film? One-on-one consulting is the best way to avoid the pitfalls and learn the tricks of the trade. We got our film funded, produced and distributed -- and you can too. Consulting fees are hourly and reasonably priced for the cash-strapped independent filmmaker.

This is not fluffy "let the clock run" hourly consulting. You get on-the-ground, bottom-line, get-to-the-point time focused on your specific project, all directly with Brant.

Studio Lo Mismo can offer filmmaking and screenwriting seminars, classes and talks to organizations, film festivals and small groups.

With his filmmaking partner Benjamin Morgan, Brant created and teaches a popular filmmaking class at UC Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us at:
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